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Our academic program is clearly defined: it prepares students for higher education. To that end, we strive for excellence in all aspects of the teaching-learning process. Students, teachers and administrators have high expectations of themselves and of one another. We regularly evaluate our curriculum to ensure students have the tools they need to succeed in their future academic pursuits. Course offerings are designed to give all students the opportunity to reach their fullest intellectual potential. In addition, we support students with developing personal study habits and motivation to attain their academic goals.

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Reading & Language Arts

Our curriculum is based on McGraw-Hill’s Reading Wonders, a new program offering a comprehensive set of digital and print tools for reading and language arts. We utilize research-based instruction and high quality literature to engage and equip our students with the skills they need to achieve success in high school and college.


We use McGraw-Hills’ My Math as the basis for our mathematics curriculum. This program supports our goal of making math both fun and memorable for our students. We use a colorful and intuitive lesson format to customize and deliver math lessons in a way that works best for each student.


Our science program is centered on engaging activities that promote curiosity and foster development of our students’ inquiry skills. Interactive Science, a science program from Pearson, offers an interesting framework that we utilize to build on students’ experiences and support them with a life-long understanding of science concepts.

Social Studies

My World, a Social Studies program from Pearson, is dedicated to building a core understanding of social studies content, awareness and skills. Each grade level has a theme-based focus that begins with building local community knowledge and gradually expands to global comprehension.


All students at Providence Englewood participate in art classes. Art is an excellent opportunity for students to utilize and develop skills that expand their creativity and expression. At each grade level, students are taught art principles, such as line, shape/form, color, value, texture and space using numerous themes and a variety of media.


All students participate in music classes throughout the year. Students practice rhythm, melody, form and composition through many genres of music. They also engage in vocal performance and instrumental work and movement, which they can showcase in an annual concert for the school community and their families.


Providence Englewood is offering Spanish lessons for the first time this school year. K-4 students have weekly lessons focused on Spanish vocabulary and structure. Students gain knowledge of the Spanish language and Spanish-speaking cultures with curricular materials and in-class experiences.

Physical Education (PE)

All students participate in weekly PE classes that focus on both physical and nutritional health. Students engage in targeted exercises, sports and games, as well as organized competitions in class. They also learn the major food groups, examples of healthy foods and meal planning.


Our technology curriculum equips students with the skills they will need to be successful in their professional careers. The first component of our program teaches student fluent keyboarding, home row discipline, proper shift key technique, and speed and accuracy. The second component focuses on how to utilize technology to explore, analyze and create inquiry-based projects based on students’ areas of interests.


In addition to preparing students for academic success, Providence Englewood is focused on teaching students how to become responsible citizens in their communities. To that end, all students participate in our guidance program, which supports them with personal development.