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Fall at PECS!

As Summer fades into Fall PECS is quickly moving through the first quarter of the 2016-17 school year. Thank you to all of our parents and family members who joined us for our back to school orientations as well as our first round of parent teacher conferences. It was wonderful to have you all in the building with us.

We are excited to announce that we recently celebrated the over 260 students who achieved Honor Roll status in Quarter Four of the 2015-17 school year. We hope to announce even more students joining the Honor Roll on Nov 15th and 16th when we host our next Honor Roll Ceremony.

While November may seem far away, October’s Quarter One Exams are fast approaching. Exams will take place October 18th through 20th. During this week there will be no after school activities, including clubs and sports, so that our students are able to spend that time focusing on their studies. We appreciate your support in helping students stay on task. If you have any questions about how to best help your student prepare for their exams please reach out to their teacher who will be able to give you suggestions.

We hope that you will all be able to join us to celebrate the end of Quarter One with our second annual family Day school carnival. Family Day will take place at PECS on Saturday October 22nd from Noon until 2:00pm and will include games, entertainment and food.

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